Why not trying some of the tastiest specialties of the Chilean cuisine during your stay? Enjoy your meal in a very colorful and innovative space, which offers different choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner.



Kick-Off your day filled with energy and get everything set for a long day of work meetings, trips and walking around Calama and its surroundings.

Our breakfast includes:

  • Coffee, chocolate or tea
  • Toast with butter and jam
  • Bread, assorted cheeses, cold meats, yogurt, fruit and cereals

Price: CLP $  5.590 Net values, not including taxes.


Every day, a complete lunch to enjoy your meals in a relaxed, lively and innovative space at our restaurant in Calama.

The daily menu includes:

  • 1 Salad of your choice.
  • 1 Main course.
  • 1 Dessert.
  • 1 Juice or drinkable.
  • Coffee station.
    ( Does not include soda)

Price: CLP $ 7.489 Net values, not including taxes.


Dine in style surrounded by a multicolored ambiance with cool and contemporary spaces. Recharge your batteries after working all day, visiting the area's mining companies for business or touring San Pedro de Atacama and every tourist attraction nearby.



  • 1 Salad of your choice.
  • 2 alternatives of main dish (choose only 1 option).
  • 1 Dessert.
  • 1 Juice or drinkable.
  • Coffee station.

Does not include soda.

Price: CLP $ 8.285 Net values, not including taxes.