Hotel Modular Express Calama is a new lodging concept that offers an economical, sustainable, modern and functional option.

Our 7-story building was built using recycled containers to support environmental initiatives. This amazing destination consolidates essential aspects in terms of providing quality services, offering a low cost hotel alternative, with all the benefits for our guests. We are proudly on board with the global vision of the future in terms of eco-friendly practices and developing sustainable actions that reduce emissions and the excessive consumption of natural resources.

The construction of our hotel marks an architectural milestone nationwide and specifically in northern Chile, featuring an innovative building system using recycled containers and the efficiency of a modular and pre-built structure. Hotel Modular Express Calama is strategically located downtown, 19 kilometers from Chuquicamata and 6 kilometers from El Loa Airport, delivering great connectivity for business executives and mining industry professionals as well as for tourists on their way to or from San Pedro de Atacama. With a colorful and impressive design, the hotel certainly brings joy to the city's arid landscape.

We present 167 cozy and functional rooms of 14 square meters, accessible for guests with reduced mobility and / or disabilities. The rooms at our hotel in Calama integrate a very innovative climate control system that regulates temperature and protects the spaces from cold and heat, achieving an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius during the day.

To enjoy your stay to the fullest, we count with a self-service restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style. Enjoy your meal within a comfortable and colorful setting, with modern furniture and a relaxing vibe. You may also enjoy a drink in our bar or connect to Wi-Fi at our comfortable lobby in an open and modern space, created with a co-working concept. In addition, you can keep up with your workout routine and stay in shape using our equipped exercise room and enjoy free car parking.

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